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Welcome to GEM
Welcome to GEM, a FREE directory of sustainable, humane, ethical suppliers, products and service providers, as well as resurces like Directories, Guides, Manuals etc., sourced from the web on the basis of our shared values, commitment and aspirations to a sustainable future. Send us more LINKS to the Good, the Better and the Best of ethical trade, to keep GEM growing. • SHARE GEM WITH YOUR CONTACTS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS!
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Who is GEM for?
GEM is for all who want to live in a global, sustainable economy, for people, animals and Nature. For our children, grandchildren and their descendants. For Business, customers and employees. For communities, family farms and firms. For people genuinely trying their best to live respectfully, peacefully, sustainably. It's for young and old, people of every race, nationality and walk of life. • MOST OF ALL GEM IS FOR OUR PLANET!
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Why ratings?
We use simple ratings icons that illustrate the range of ethical policies implemented by each organisation, highlighting their particular concerns, cruelty-free, humane treatment of animals, environmental sustainability, fair working conditions, prices and terms for suppliers, craftspeople, producers and workers alike. This, we hope, will spur companies to do better and more to meet their customers' needs and aspirations.
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Though initially covering mostly the UK, we are looking for people to build their own local, regional and national directories to link to GEM,  weaving ourselves a truly Global Ethical Market.

Please share the Good, the Better and the Best using either our Contact form or by sending us a private message, on our Facebook page. If they fit the bill we’ll include them, if they’re some way off completing their ethical journey, we will point them in the direction of expert advice.

Please note that we do NOT accept sponsorship or charge advertising fees, so as to retain the directory’s independence and integrity. GEM is entirely self-funded and built by volunteer labour.

We stand with victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse!
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GEM is a signposting service and links directly to websites, as such it is not responsible for inaccuracies in the ethical and environmental profiles or claims about products and services. If you have issues with a listing, and believe it to be other than as it is protrayed, please contact us.