Nature builds networks. Veins in organisms, leaves, root systems, forest canopies, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans…

GEM is the beginning of a network of sites, aiming to build a Global Ethical Market, linking up online outlets, manufacturers, producers, craftspeople, creatives, growers and their customers, but also business services, banking, Credit Unions, investment vehicles, savingĀ  and pension schemes.

GEM is, free to users and intended to help people make ethical choices and stop funding environmentallay destructive enterprises, and instead finance ethical ones that promote renewal of ecosystems, human and animal communities.

For this reason GEM does not ask for donation, just LINKS. As the service develops, however, it will require more sophisticated functionalities that will require more expensive plugins and subscription to services like Coporate Critic. This may then mean starting a Crowdfunding campaign, to invite those who share the ethics of the service to contribute towards these costs, to try and keep the service free.

If you want to flag an Ethical enterprise or supplier, please either use the Contact form, or visit our Facebook page.

GEM is independent, self-funded, impartial, seeking to be sustainable, humane and ethical

GEM listings are sourcedĀ  by web searches, using the Ecosia search engine, on the web, or flagged by user contact

The criteria for inclusion in GEM is that a brand, wholesaler, retailer or service must be sustainable humane and ethical.

GEM will never store or share your information, if you contact us for any reason.

To join GEM you need to be willing to build and mauintain your own sister site

We run two other sister websites, Planet Co-op and Earth 20:20 Vision