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Accessories & Jewellery

Ethical fashion and hair accessories, ornaments,  Jewellery and trims

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, DIY

Sustainable, non-toxic materials for hobbies, gift wrapping, cards, arts and crafts

Banking & Finance

Move your money! De-fund destruction, put your money to work for the common good

Beauty Products

Beauty without cruelty, plastic microbeads, palm oil or animal products, sustainable, organic

Business Services

Business equipment and consumables, sustainable cleaning, waste reduction, ethical HR

Books & Stationery

Local, independent, ethical bookshops, & music stores, sustainable stationery

Business Supply chain

Business supply-cain and, trade, import-export, sourcing ethical services

Campaigns & Boycotts

Ethical, green activism, campaigning and advocacy

Clothes & Shoes

Beautiful, sustainable, humane, Fair Trade, ethical Fashions and work apparel

Education & Training

Co-operative teaching  for collaborative learning and knowlede sharing

Energy and Renewables

Renewable domestic power and energy co-ops for a better, sustainable tomorrow

Environmental Services

Soil, energy, water, waste  and resource management for a healthier future

Food & Drink

Organic, sustainable & Fair Trade products that feed the world and support communities

Health & Personal Care

Looking and feeling good, beauty without cruelty, deforestation or harm

Health & Social Care

Community caring for elders, children, people with learning difficulties and chronic illness


Home & Garden

Shrink your home’s & garden’s footprint while enjoying beautiful, comfortable living

Leisure & Tourism

Sustainable hospitality, tourism, leisure and  sports for all, bringing cultures together

Mother, Baby & Toddler

Mother, baby and nursery items, equipment and supplies for babies aged Zero to Three

Repair, Reuse, Recycle

Repair, reclaim,  refurbish, recycle, repurpose, upcycle, for beautiful things that reduce waste

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable materials, recycled demolition wastes, eco-builds, groundworks & services

Tech & Computers

Tech without conflict minerals, minining damage or slavery

Textiles & Yarn

Sustainable looms, wool, thread, biodegradeable yarn and fabrics

Transport & Travel

Car/lift share,  cycles, public transport, EVs & conversions, fuel cells

Vegan & Vegetarian

Cruelty-free goods, brands, shops and products


Wholefood and exoproduct Wholesalers, Local, Mobile, Regional or Nationwide,

Zero Waste

Plastic-free Shops that sell loose foods, cleaning products teas, coffees etc.

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