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Take control of the impacts your money has on our world and its future

GEM is a free directory of sustainable, humane, ethical suppliers and service providers.

GEM listings are free to ethical business that share our values, commitment and aspirations to a sustainable future. All we ask for is LINKS!

Though initially covering mostly the UK, we are looking for people to build their own local, regional and national directories to link to GEM,  weaving ourselves a truly Global Ethical Market.

Please share the Good, the Better and the Best using either our Contact form or by sending us a private message, on our Facebook page. If they fit the bill we’ll include them, if they’re some way off completing their ethical journey, we will point them in the direction of expert advice.

Please note that we do NOT accept sponsorship or charge advertising fees, so as to retain the directory’s independence and integrity. GEM is entirely self-funded and built by volunteer labour.

Like it or not, our  every financial transaction has consequences, with the potential to shape our world and the future of our descendants, for centuries.

Our savings, investments and pension funds finance ventures of every kind, scope and reach,  worldwide. Profits from our spending in shops, venues or online, fund all kinds of projects and the acquisitions of land and property.

A permanent trail of consequences traces the path of our finances and their impacts ripple around our ecosphere, affecting animal and human communities.

But we can choose what those impacts will be by choosing carefully where we bank, invest, save and spend our money.

GEM is a signposting website and relies on information given on the websites listed, as such it cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in the ethical and environmental information about listed sites