CSR & ESG, what are they and why do they matter? How can they help me make Sustainable, humane, Ethical,  choices?

Our listings include Ethical, Sustainability and Coporate (ESG), as well as Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) rating agaencies. These conduct research and rate companies and corporations, based on a unique set of criteria. Some are specifically interested in Ethical business – for example Ethical Consumer Magazine and its daughter company, Coporate Critic, in the UK, or Good For You, in the US – wihle others are  mainstream ratings agencies, like SustainlyticsGRI, or Vigeo Eiris.

Are ESG and CSR reliable measures of ethics? Is it not all Greenwash?

Let’s first of all make it clear that each investor will have his or her own idea of what “Ethical” means. We know that large coporations are VERY good at fudging ESG metrics, they can put a lot of money into greenwashing their activities, even PAY people to make their ESG ratings look stellar! So, for this reason, we are including Rating Companies, but the final decision has to be yours.

Here are some links to help you look at CSR and ESG for yourself and develop some insights into what they define and measure.