Here is a guide to the meaning of the symbols you will find next to some entries’s titles.
Where these are not present it means that, though those principles are espoused as aspirational, they are not explicitly validated byΒ  the company, brand, product or service ethos and processes.
Please note that we depend on the truthfulness of statements made on websites and appreciate being informed where these prove to be unfounded and even false. In such cases we shall seek to investigate, request clarification and, if warranted, remove listings.

Community 🏘

Is owned, benefits or is driven by community interest, rather than simply profit, employing local people and co-operatives, supplying first and foremost local communities at affordable prices

Conservation πŸ¦…

Project-based tourism and leisure designed to preserve and enhance wildlife, habitats and Indigenous People’s territories and ways of life, and promotes volunteering, education and research

Cruelty-free 🐰

Is Vegan, Vegetarian, or rejects animal cruelty, product testing, battery farming, transportantion, removal of young, harvesting of fur or hairs, de-clawing, de-fanging or de-horning, exhibition, fighting orΒ  other cruel practices.

Ethical 🌟

Does not engage with or finance arms trade, appropriation of or damage to Indigenous People’s lands, cultures and interests, rejects exploitative practices and finances resilience, promotes education and democracy.

Fair Trade πŸ‘£

Pays fair market price for goods and services, promotingΒ  trade unions to protect workers’, indigenous and women’s rights,Β  rejecting child labour. Establishing independent economic activities, enabling communities to develop.

Humane πŸ’š

Does not support practices that cause suffering to animals,Β Β  poverty and disadvantage to human communities, endangering their habitats, lands and futures, promotes natural, sustainable imal and human ancommunities.

Inclusive πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ¦Ό

Supports the inclusion of all sectors of communities, irrespective of physical and mental ability, caste, class, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation,Β  Faith or spiritual belief, educates communities to tolerance.

Sustainable 🌎

Supports the ecosystem, promotes conservation practices consistent with the regeneration and protection of natural resource for present and future generations of animal and human communities, using organic methods.
Note also that we only include Corporate products by Multinationals where these are either the only or most beneficial in their rating class – for example, electric cars – and there are no affordable alternatives by smaller companies. These carry NO symbols