Below is a ‘porthole’ preview of the Governance & Accountability Institute’s website, for your convenience, to help those not familar with Environmental Social and Governance / Social Responsible Investment to evaluate Ethical Investments. It shows the framework of categories and factors used in the rigorous screening process used by specialist agencies and consultants. To skip directly to the site, right-click on any link inside the port and select “open link in new tab”

About G&AI

The Governance & Accountability Institute is an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainability consulting firm, founded in 2006, based in NYC, focused on helping clients become leaders in Corporate Sustainability, Responsibility, Citizenship,  including the full breadth of ESG issues. 

We are a monitoring, intelligence-gathering and knowledge management center operating at the intersection of powerful forces reshaping relationships between stockholders and stakeholders, and the public corporation.