Tiny Houses are growing in demand

Recently I had a request from The Tiny Housing Co., UK, to add a listing for their site to our Sustainable Housing section. I was delighted, and naturally I checked them out… and BOY I was impressed!

There’s no point in my enthusing about the Tiny House movement, it’s old news by now, and there is now a wealth of material, information, articles, websites, blogs, videos and companies you can look up on the web and social media… for a selection of which you can check out my the Eco Homes section, on Planet Co-op, my other site, about Co-operative action and enterprise.

What I liked about The Tiny Housing Co. was their commitmet to sustainability, with a 2000W Solar Photovoltaic array mounted on EVERY standard tiny house they build, and, for just £5,000 more, they offer an Eco option, with a wood-burning stove powering the under-floor heating and helping to run the hot water tank, for those cold winter evenings, even in the coolest northern latitudes, like Scotland or Northern Ireland.

But what’s more, the Tiny Housing Co. also include also a road-worthy trailer  fully compliant with licensing rules from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) with all their Tiny Homes, making them completely mobile and safe so that all the buyer has to do is register them, hire a truck to tow them to their destination and bingo, job done!

After the wake-up call of Covid 19, suddenly the Tiny House movement puts a completely different spin on the choice of a small home with a great outdoor space and the option to move the whole kit and kaboodle to more salubrious environs, and even self-quarantine, if required, just by staying in.

During the lockdown in the UK, thousands were marooned in their flats – bigger than a tiny house, but 100 times more claustrophobic, up one or more floors, with only a distant, aerial view of the outdoors.

While it would be impossible to try and accommodate the whole of the UK’s population currently living in multistorey flats and tower block in as many traditional houses – even terraced or semi-detached – Tiny Houses can increase housing density, while still putting people in a space that breathes with them, instead of cooped-up like so many pigeons, roosting in the sky, alone and losing their mental health.

Ask yourselves; which would you rather, in the event of a Second Wave: be left high and dry, looking down at the world, with maybe a balcony or a terrace, or, for a fraction of the price of a standard house, enjoy a tiny space with all mod cons, and outdoor space that still allows you to self-isolate and talk to your neighbours over the fence?

I have included concise info on the three standard packages the Tiny House Co. offer, but if you can afford a little more and have your own idea, or want a two-bed tiny home, the Tiny Housing Co. offer a bespoke build service, that allows you to get the house you want at a price you consider fair

Check out their website for more information.


Design excellence as standard

But the real WOW of these Toniy Houses are the design and quality… take a look at their latest range.

Itinerant 1-bed - Standard Package - £37,999 Eco Package £42,999 (July 2020)
Natura 1-bed - Standard Package - £49,999 Eco Package £54,999 (July 2020)
Nomad 1-bed Standard Package - £53,999 Eco Package £58,999

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