Over the past three decades It has become apparent to those of us who have been campaigning for the implementation of Agenda 21, from the Rio Summit of 1992, that governments, international bodies, Coporations and Charities simply cannot make the necessary changes to world trade to positively affect Climate Change. As a result today we face a Cimlate Emergency that threatens not onl the future of  our children and their descendants, but the very existence of LIfe on Earth.

While scientists spoke of ‘exponential‘, ‘logarythmic‘, ‘cascading‘, ‘bioaccumulation‘. the rest of humanity laboured under the delusion that “those high-up will sort it out” … after all, won’t their children, grandchildren, and even they themselves have to live with the consequences?

So today, on the brink of the very End of Life on Earth – because, let us make no mistake: THAT is what the end product could be, if we fail to act! – we must once again find amongst both, the Intelligentsia and the grassroots, a new steer towards direct action.

But today the socio-economic, and technological interconnectedness of our globalised societies allow us to take control of that action in the most constructive and peaceful way. Rather than wait for action from above, we need to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s exortation and be the change that we want to see in the world.

The same inexorably cumulative power of the small, negative actions is just as effective in the positive ones. And so, if a billion people driving fossil fuelled vehicles cause the volume of emissions that is driving climate change, a billion people gradually switching to electric vehicles and planting trees, can relatively quickly begin remove a great deal of carbon from our waste streams and fix it in biota.

Just as a billion people’s obsession with gorging on meat, cheese, butter and milk three times a day can blight pasturelands, water systems, and drive deforestation – not to mention astonishing volumes of methane! – a billion people choosing to switch to a primarily plant-based diet can quickly reduce those impacts.

The beauty of this reality is that it is in OUR hands, within OUR sphere of power and influence, creating virtuous circles by defunding vicious ones… in fact this may be the ONLY choice we can ALL make that can effect change quickly enough to make a difference.

But we humans, for all our bustling industry, are also supremely lazy creatures, and most will barely deviate a foot from their customary route to derive a small benefit, let alone make great efforst to make small, invisible gains. And so the trick is going to be making Ethical choices cheaper, more covenient and satisfying for the masses.

GEM is the early attempt to do just that: to bring together first of all a selection of links, to help people make those choices, and then, gradually, add the tools that will make it possible for people to join forces and make those choices in large enough numbers to benefit their purse, their lifestyles and their world.

All help is welcome in this endeavour, so if you believe you can contribute, and want to, please, get in touch. The project needs to expand rapidly, and root in each continent, region and country, by way of people willing to contribute, by creating websites at those level on which they believe they can act.

It may be a village virtual shop, that brings people together to order hard-to-get or expensive goods and services, as a buying group, gaining on price and delivery. Or it could be a portal to gather links to existing websites in a town, city or even a region of a Country.

And so GEM is a call to effective, immediate action in the first person.