Why a FREE service?

Persuading people to change the way they live their lives is no easy task. Many, possibly the majority of people want to do good, but life inevitably gets in the way. Time, the pressures of work, family, friends, and a thousand other distratcions divert attention from those things that we always wanted to do, but never found time for.

Moving bank accounts to an ethical bank, or finding an ethical pension provider, investing our savings in a fund or bonds that can make a difference in the world, while still earning a decent interest.

It all takes time, energy, research, and then, what if they aren’t what they claim to be? How would we know? We could end up with just as bad a service provider and lose money in the bargain!

The same misgivings apply to subscribing to an Ethical ratings service, like Ethical Consumer. Many people cannot justify the expense in their minds, there is always something more urgent to do with the money, a pair of shoes for the kids, a repair for the car, a well-deserved holiday…

And yet, did you know that subscribing to Ethical Consumer costs just £29.95 a year? That’s less than most people spend on a night out at the pub.  And no, they don’t give GEM a penny to tell you that… in fact, they don’t even know GEM exists.

But GEM aims to cover more listings than even ethical Consumer, in time, though not necessarily  in one database. The hope is that contact with other organisations, in other COUntries, will persuade them to act as a portal for their Ethical Market, so that, in time, GEM will become a collection of links to Portals, and knit together a truly global service.

For now the service will simply list all and any outfits and services that come our way, and try to find other eager little spiders to start weaving their own strands of the web.

So… watch this space! 👋

GEM-Ma 👵🏻

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