Awel is a Community Benefit Society and its project owns and run two 2.35MW Enercon wind turbines on Mynydd y Gwrhyd, 20 miles north of Swansea. Read our Awelog to find out how our wind farm was built. These turbines will produce clean, low carbon energy – estimated to be 12,558 MWh of clean energy a year, enough to supply over 2,500 homes. Production levels so far are well ahead of this estimate. So far, we’ve generated more than 20,000 MWh and counting….. We just published accounts for Awel Co-op which owns the trading arm, Awel y Gwrhyd CIC.  We started construction on March 14th 2016. The windfarm was completed ahead of schedule and the turbines were commissioned on January 25th 2017.  Profits support local charity Awel Aman Tawe in tackling fuel poverty and developing other renewable energy projects. The team behind this Share Offer have also delivered Egni Solar Co-op which has installed 179kW of solar on seven local community buildings and has a new Share Offer open for upto 5MW of rooftop solar, the largest rollout of solar in Welsh history.