Gorilla Doctors recognize that the health of the gorillas is inextricably linked to that of the entire ecosystem. In addition to providing life-saving care, our veterinary team further protects gorillas by supporting health programs for people and their animals living and working in and around gorilla habitat. Monitoring the health of mountain and Grauer’s gorillas to ensure the early detection of disease and injury. Conducting veterinary interventions to treat ill gorillas with antibiotics or pain relievers, or to anesthetize and treat gorillas suffering from human-induced or life-threatening traumatic injuries. Rescuing and providing veterinary care to gorillas orphaned by poachers. Studying health trends to better predict disease outbreaks and their causes. Conducting post-mortem examinations on deceased gorillas to learn all that we can about the health problems that contributed to their deaths. Preserving biological samples (e.g. blood, feces) to be used by researchers around the world who are investigating primate health issues. Providing preventative healthcare to the dedicated park personnel who protect the gorillas, and to the people and their animals that live near gorilla habitat, in order to reduce the risk of disease transmission to gorillas.