The Rewilding Foundation was established in 2009 as the Anatolian Leopard Foundation, to initially investigate the survival of the Anatolian leopard subspecies (Panthera pardus ssp. saxicolor) in the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey. This legendary cat and the biggest of leopards, full of prowess and ferocity, was revered in Classical times, but also heavily persecuted throughout the ages. Its mainstay was the cradle of modern civilization, nowadays the fusion between modern Christian Europe and the Islamic East. The Anatolian leopard is an inspiring symbol for wildness as well as ancient culture and art. Moreover, it reminds us of the survival of a species throughout a violent history and into the birth of the modern age. The Rewilding Foundation is a founding member and advocate of the Rewilding Taskforce under the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM).