Yew Clothing makes awesome sportswear for active outdoor pursuits from sustainable and eco materials, like recycled polyester. All our sportswear, including baselayers, fleeces and technical tops, are made from eco or sustainable fabrics. We’ve done that with the environment in mind. We also think about sustainable from an ethical standpoint and make sure our factories have a suitable working environment. We make sure our clothes are made to our ethical standards and only use eco materials like 100% recycled polyester, made from re-processed plastic bottles (for our fleeces, performance tops and baselayers), or soft organic cotton (for our t-shirts, which can be casual or used for yoga). We make every effort to avoid ‘the ethical stance’.  We know there is no such thing as a universally ‘green’ material, and don’t want to try to convince you that there is.  We will always be honest about the way we do things, and know there is always room to improve.  All our materials have been selected on the belief that they are ‘greener’, less damaging alternatives that still meet the demands of modern life.