Södra’s unique co-operative with Swedish forest owners, seven sawmills and four distribution terminals across Great Britain and Ireland ensure supply continuity. Championing greener construction, Södra Wood is committed to increasing industry awareness and use of sustainable, fully-certified timber products. Learn how responsibly managed forests and carefully planned renewal set Södra’s products apart. Södra Wood provides: Full certification; Forest co-operative; Quality timber. Sustainability: at the core of everything we do. Södra’s transport will be fully fossil-free by 2030; Södra’s production will be fully fossil-free by 2020; By 2050, the annual rate of forest growth on estates owned by Södra’s members will be 20 per cent higher than in 2015; Södra has zero tolerance for workplace injuries. By 2020, the injury frequency rate will have declined by 15 per cent per year.