Introducing the revolutionary Solivus Arc®. The new shape of home solar. It’s unique curved panels have been designed to capture maximum energy from the sun’s rays throughout the course of the day and offer a visually striking alternative to roof mounted solar.  Created using organic, thin-film solar, the Solivus Arc® is fully recyclable and contains no rare earth materials. As a result the Solivus Arc® has a tiny carbon footprint that is paid back after roughly three months of use. It is the future of Solar for those that really care about our planet. The Solivus Arc® will go into manufacture in 2021 and is anticipated to generate enough energy to be able to power an electric vehicle for 5,000-10,000 miles a year for at least 20 years depending on your location. Limited numbers will be available for the first year and customers will be looked after on a first reserved basis.