Why Choose Us for your next Tiny House? • We work closely with you from start to finish. 🤝 We developed these tiny homes to suit a whole range of people’s needs, and ensure that you’re kept in the loop during every step. • Our Tiny Homes are Built to Last. 🏠 We build top-quality homes that can take hurricane winds and earthquakes. All purchases come with our build-quality guarantee, meaning we’re confident your tiny home will be built to the very best of standards. In the unlikely event that our tiny houses aren’t 100% perfect, we’ll fix any problem – pronto. • We care about the environment. 🌳 We know that people who are interested in the Tiny House Movement are also keen to look after the environment as much as their wallet. We include 2000 W Solar Panels with every one of our tiny homes, meaning that you can live off-grid or reduce your utility bills. • All our Tiny Houses are Road Legal in the UK 🛣️ As a British company, we have built all of out Tiny Houses to be road legal, so you can tow your tiny home anywhere around the British Isles, with a DVLA-compliant bespoke trailer for every tiny home that we sell.