Today, 99% of running shoes on the market are composed of plastics, which are 99% derived from petroleum. The organic cotton used by VEJA is made by farmer associations in Brazil and Peru that harvest it with respect for people and the environment. Organic cotton is purchased by VEJA directly, respecting fair trade principles, before it is woven into the canvas, laces and uppers used in many VEJA models. VEJA soles are made of 18 to 22 % natural rubber. Since 2004, we purchased 195 tons of wild rubber, this allowed us to preserve 120 000 hectares of the Amazon forest. This material is used in the sole of every sneaker. We buy rubber in the Amazon forest, directly from seringueiro communities. For a kilo of harvested rubber, 1.2 ha of forest is protected every year. In 2017, VEJA bought wild Brazilian rubber for 2.77€/kg. By comparison, synthetic rubber is negotiated according to crude oil prices and varies between 1.35€/kg and 2.55€/kg.